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Prenatal Cradle Adjustable Prenatal Cradle

Prenatal Cradle Adjustable Prenatal Cradle
by It's You Babe
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Product Features
Size: Medium | Color: White

    Reduces back pain and abdominal straining
    Ideal for twins, triplets, and quads
    Shoulder bands stay put for fashion conscious Moms
    Cool, comfortable open abdomen to apply lotion for stretching tummy
    Hook & eye closures for a safe and secure fit

Product Description
Size: Medium | Color: White
       The Adjustable Prenatal Cradle reduces back pain and abdominal straining, hook and eye fasteners will not snag fine lingerie like other products with "sticky type" closures. Shoulder bands stay put for fashion conscious Moms. Cool, comfortable open abdomen allows Mom to apply lotion to stretching tummy. Product does not have to be removed to go to the ladies room. The Product is based on the most natural way a mother supports herself.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

  • I'm pregnant with twins and have been getting a lot of back pain and abdominal strain which I know will just keep getting more pronounced as I get bigger so I have been looking for a support garment. I borrowed one of the single-strap type supports you can get at Motherhood and I found that to be really uncomfortable - it was uncomfortable while I was sitting down, it didn't stay in place very well and rather than help with the pressure on my bladder, it made it feel worse. Clearly I needed something better.
I ordered this prenatal cradle and had a lot of relief immediately. It has seriously improved my lower and upper back pain and abdominal strain. I find it easier to lift and carry things and just getting up off the couch is easier.
The "adjustablility" of this model was one of the reasons I bought it and I have to say, its nothing to write home about (3 sets of hooks that are pretty widely spaced) but better than nothing. The company says this will fit 150 - 220 lbs. I am 156 lbs and found I have to wear it on the middle set of hooks to avoid uncomfortable compression but maybe thats just how I'm carrying.
All in all, I would say if you are getting big and don't have super-strong core muscles, this support can really help improve your pregnancy experience. I wish I hadn't waited to buy this - get it before you HAVE to have it and save yourself some pain.

  • This is not a cure-all, but it definitely helps. I am 7 mos. pregnant with twins and I am carrying 40 extra lbs - all in the belly. I am still doing a lot of walking, and the cradle definitely helps. It does not completely eliminate back pain. But on the days I am on my feet all day, I feel much better if I wear the prenatal cradle. I also get very sore from sitting in front of my computer, and the cradle actually helps a bit with that too.

    The downside is that the straps are actually visible with almost everything I wear - except tops or sweaters with a crew neck. Anything with a v-neck or a boat neck leaves the straps exposed. Even a tank top does not cover the straps, as they are designed to criss-cross at the center of the chest. But it's a small price to pay for pain management.

    By the way, based on other reviews I read, I bought a size up (eg, I bought a medium even though the size-chart indicated I would be a small) and it fits fine.
  • My OBGYN recommended this support for me, not for back pain, but for some relief from vericrose veins and varicrosities that have plagued me this pregnancy. She had the same issue with her own last pregnancy and used this support so it was a personal recommendation.

    Based on reviews here, I ordered up a size from the sizing chart, which was the way to go. I'm 30 weeks and currently weigh about 160, and the medium was definitely the correct size for me.

    First, this device is VERY comfortable. I could wear it to bed! I was worried it would bother my skin in the hot weather but it is comfortable. More importantly, it really, really has helped my discomfort from the vericrose veins.

    The only reasons I gave it 4 and not 5 stars are:
    1) It is impossible to wear under many tops, due to the positioning of the upper straps.
    2) It could be more adjustable at the belly - it has three sets of hook fasteners (like a bra) but they're SO far apart, so it can be hard to get the correct level of tightness depending on your size. Velcro or more rows of hooks would have been more useful.

    I might never have tried a product like this if my doctor hadn't suggested it, but now I'm telling every pregnant woman I know about it. 


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