Monday, February 20, 2012

Bellybra Maternity Support Tank

Bellybra Maternity Support Tank
Price: $29.95 - $36.00

Product Description
A feminine maternity support top...a maternity belt with class that is perfect for that uncomfortable third trimester run. The BellyBra maternity belt has come a long way. Invented to be used for exercise, the product has graduated into a an every day support undergarment. With the lightweight, attractive fabrics, the BellyBra has become even more. The low cut neck and attractive trim allow the garment to be worn exposed, as a "camisole" under jackets or sweaters. Many women have commented on the "snug and safe" feeling the BellyBra maternity belt provides along with the gentle support to the back and abdomen. With no bottom snaps or Velcro, the frequent trips to the "loo" are easy and struggle free! The Secret is in the Back Panel! It stretches in one direction, up and down. While doing so it gently pulls the shoulders back and equally distributes weight between the shoulders. The non-constrictive, two-inch bellyband lifts weight off the pelvis, distributing weight equally between the shoulders. Could that get any better?!!! Makes sense that this helps to relieve back pressure and back pain! Why be exposed to velcro, snaps and hooks? Most maternity belts include these things that can snag your clothing. With the correct size, the BellyBra maternity belt will relieve the simple back pains brought on by pregnancy. Think of us as a "maternity belt" with class!! This full torso support is a simple solution to an uncomfortable problem. Women carrying multiples think the bellybra was sent from Heaven! Need Help with Sizing? When choosing the correct size Bellybra, please choose according to bra size but also keep in mind the size maternity tops you are wearing also. If you are small busted but are wearing Large tops, go with the Large Bellybra. The bra part of the Bellybra is secondary to the product. It is a BRA for the BELLY, to lift the weight off the pelvis. If you are in the middle of the size chart, or are unsure which way to go, always go with the larger size.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • I'm in my 3rd trimester with twins and I like this support garment. Anyone who has carried 2 babies knows that its definitely a strain on your back. This is surprisingly supportive and its much better under clothes than a regular maternity support belt because its smooth and doesn't show at all even under flimsy summer dresses.
    I'm glad I got it a little larger than usual because I'm carrying twins.
    The only con is that it can be a little hot because the shiny fabric doesn't breathe.
  • This belly bra gives great support for the tummy and is very comfortable. However, if you have wide scoop neck or v neck tops, beware because the neckline is narrow, and the belly bra will show inside your top's neckline. Good product for wintertime esp when you are wearing turtlenecks etc.
  • Tried this on right away after recieving, was so excited. I'm a very active mom-to-be and was looking for extra support expecially during workouts. At 29 weeks and having gained 25 lbs already, I found that the small was a little too small, but the medium too big- the small was hard to get on and off because it was tight at the top especially, but once on was generally comfortable. Product irritated the underarms at the seams when active. Belly portion fit well and was confortable, but the band at the bottom did irritate my skin a bit, and felt "tight" because it was somehwat narrow elastic (2"). Very see-through garmet. Nowhere near sufficient as a sportsbra, even for small chest size. Does provide significant warmth as a base layer, so with addition of sportsbra and t-shirt, got overheated easily.
    Overall, plan to return, as there seem to be better products out there that are wider at the bottom, and not integrated as a shirt/bra as well. 

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