Friday, February 10, 2012

Medela Maternity Support Belt #670MS

Medela Maternity Support Belt #670MS
List Price:     $24.99
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Size: Small/Medium

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    Helps ease back pain and provides abdominal support
    Gently lifts mom's tummy to reduce pressure on bladder
    Comfortable against the skin
    Smooth and invisible under clothing
    Super light, breathable spandex is comfortable against the skin Won't roll or bindEasy to wear, adjust and remove Use during pregnancy and post-partum

Product Description

     Made of super light, breathable spandex, Medela's Maternity Support provides maximum comfort and relief for expectant moms. Helps ease back pain and provides abdominal support. Gently lifts mom's tummy to reduce pressure on bladder. Comfortable against the skin. Smooth and invisible under clothing. Size S/M = 23-27; pre-pregnancy waist, Size L/XL = 28-34 pre-pregnancy waist.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

  • I use this item when I have to stand for long periods of time, or when I go for a walk. It relieves the pressure on my bladder and abdoman, but my no means prevents it altogether.
  • I'm 24 weeks along (didn't really start showing until 4 weeks ago) and have been wearing this belt for 5 days. I wish I would have bought it sooner. Before wearing the belt, I could only sit for about 30 minutes at a time because my lower back would get very sore (I'm at a desk all day). Since wearing the belt, I hardly notice any back pain at all (less than before getting pregnant, even). It also really has helped with the pressure on my bladder. Before wearing the belt, I would visit the ladies room 6-8 times throughout my 10 hour work day. With the belt, I'm at only 4 times a day! I haven't had any problems with the fabric bunching even after spending a few hours walking (except when I didn't make sure my pants were pulled up over the bottom of the band).
    This will really help with the next four months! 
  • The pros: doesn't show through clothes, velcro is strong and doesn't wear out in washer, machine washable, provides some minor lift for your belly

    The cons: Rolls up on the sides, creates ugly pressure marks on your sensitive belly skin, provides no back support, doesn't breathe and makes you sweat, wrinkles and stretches out to diminish support even further

    Bottom line, I used this with my second pregnancy and it was the worst one I've had. I've tried others that were great, I don't know where Medela went wrong with this product. It worked better when my belly was less than 40 inches around (which is tiny), after that, it was useless.

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