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Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Band 3 Pack in Black, White and Creme Brule Available in 4 Sizes

Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Band 3 Pack in Black, White and Creme Brule Available in 4 Sizes
List Price:     $65.97
Price:     $47.97
You Save:     $18.00 (27%)

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    Viscose. Elastane
    Baby Be Mine is notably an iParenting Media Award Winner 2007!
    Wear your favorite pre pregnancy clothes longer and get back into prepregnancy clothes sooner
    Conceal unsightly ugly elastic waistbands and cover gaps between tops and bottoms
    Wear throughout your entire 9 months and beyond
    Double your wardrobe & save $'s

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Product Description
The Baby Be Mine belly band is a favorite maternity accessory & a celebrated winner of an 'iParenting Media Award' 2007. You don't have to worry about that in between stage when nothing fits, your regular clothes too small & maternity clothes too big! Designed with your comfort in mind this little beauty will cover any gaps between your tops & bottoms by adding length & cover those ugly elastic waistbands or unbuttoned pants. Not designed nor do they hold up pants as lets be honest - as any pregnant woman will tell you - binding a growing tummy is just a no no! This fabulous belly band is a 'must have' at every stage of your pregnancy, is excellent postpartum to cover exposed skin when breastfeeding while still loooking great in yummy colors & hot prints!

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • These are great! I was so excited to get these in the mail because my pants were literally falling off. I'm a size 20, and bought the size three, so was a little nervous that it would be too snug. I was pleasantly surprised that the size range was accurate, and that it just feels as if you're wearing a fitted tank. I also found that a bonus use for them post partum will be that they cover your whole torso as well as your breasts, so that you can hold in nursing pads at night without wearing a bra! My pants don't fall down anymore, and I'm really glad I got a three pack. 
  • I love the three Baby Be Mine bands I purchased. I'm 4 1/2 months pregnant and still wearing my regular clothes. I wear them every day and it adds the popular layered look everyone is stating these days, as well as hides my slightly unzipped pants when needed.  
  • Excellent fit, perfect 3-pack of colors, and they add versatility to your wardrobe! They are exactly what I was looking for. They really hold up pants well, and I like that I can wear them over the sewn-in bands of my maternity pants to hide the darker colors that might show through under my light-colored shirts. I'm even planning to wear them postpartum because they look so great as mock tank tops peaking out underneath shirts. They'll definitely help me transition back to my pre-pregnancy jeans. I also might use them as tube tops while breastfeeding at home! I can't say enough good things about these. Every pregnant woman should get some.

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