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Pregnancy back support, Maternity Belt, Brace for pregnancy

Pregnancy back support, Maternity Belt, Brace for pregnancyList Price:     $29.99
Price:     $14.95
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Product Features
Size: Large

    ~Lower back discomfort
    ~Discomfort from expansion and distortion
    ~Abdominal support
    ~Flannel lined adjustable foam belly pad
    ~Breathable elastic

Product Description
Size: Large
The Maternity Back and Belly Support is uniquely designed to be adjustable to consistently fit the changing body of a pregnant woman. There is a foam belly pad shaped to fit under the belly and provide lift to the abdomen. The 10" elastic across the back has four support stays sewn into the elastic. There is a removable suspension strap that goes over the top of the belly to prevent the support from sliding down the body. MADE IN THE USA!

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • I spent a couple of hours researching these support belts after both my chiropractor and midwife recommended I get one. I settled on this one thinking the price was low risk and have been very happy with it. I have had it for almost a month now and my only complaint is that it is difficult to sit in. It really does ease my back pain, the price was unbeatable, and it arrived in a jiffy. I highly recommend.
  • I am 29 wks pregnant with my second child and have been experiencing a lot of back pain when I have to stay on my feet a lot. I've worn this brace on days when I know I'm going to be standing/walking a lot and it does help. It helps to support the heaviness I feel in my stomach and eases my back. I haven't used the strap that goes on top of the belly so the brace can be used without it. The only down side is using the bathroom! Would be more convenient if it was only one strap. Also, recommend wearing some type of camisole so the belt doesn't aggravate your skin. 
  • My wife is 5'4 and typically 110-120lbs (don't tell her I posted this)this is our first and she has been carrying low. We walk for at least an hour a day and she is on her feet for several hours at a time for work. At around 30 weeks she started complaining of the "bouncing feeling" and "sore sides" (ligament pain)so I started researching support braces for her. She didn't think they would help, but I figured they wouldn't exist if they didn't help. I read several reviews and had a couple models in my cart weighing the "pros and cons" I selected this model because of price, reviews and the picture most resembled her figure.

    Once we recieved the brace it took us a while to figure out how she was supposed to wear it. The curved part is the bottom by the way. The distance around her waist was measured about 2 inches below her belly button and this was accurate, and it fit well with plenty of room. However we do not use the strap over the top because 1.) it is way too long and 2.) the brace holds it position fine on it's own. She wears a tank top underneath it to prevnent irritation, with a loose shirt on it is hardly noticable. We started on our walk and she said it helped quite a bit. When standing at work for long periods of time she will put it on under her professional attire and it helps tremendously. She also recommends Ted hose[...] to reduce swelling.

    I highly recommend this product to any guy who wants to help ease his loved one's burden or any mommy to be looking for some relief. :)


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