Thursday, February 9, 2012

Maternity Belly Support Band for Active To-be Moms- 3 Colors (Black, White, or Nude) S/M/L/XL

Maternity Belly Support Band for Active To-be Moms- 3 Colors (Black, White, or Nude) S/M/L/XL
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    00% MicroFiber
    Machine wash warm, line dry
    Extra wide, under tummy support band
    Back support panel
    Tummy section expands for varying stages in pregnancy
    Breathable microfiber fabric woven with seamless technology.
    Sizing is aligned with your pre-pregnancy size and stretches as you and your baby grow.

Product Description

A user-friendly addition to a maternity belt, this band provides extra belly and lower back support. It also creates a smooth look under clothing. A must-have support piece for all pregnant women. This new maternity Belly Band not only makes clothing fit better, but it also aids in safe exercise by properly supporting the belly. Made from ultra-soft microfiber fabrics woven with seamless technology the pieces stretch in all directions providing an exceptional fit for any active lifestyle. The construction and design of this belly band is to ensure optimal comfort and to allow moms-to-be to continue a fit and beautiful lifestyle throughout their pregnancy. A woman's pregnant body needs customized support which starts with the right foundation pieces.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • This garment did provide some light support. And it was great for short periods of time and under more form-fitting clothing, but for longer periods of time, meaning 4+ hours, I needed something with more support. If you are in your sixth month of pregnancy, I would skip this item and go ahead and buy something that provides greater support now, instead of wasting money on two separate garments throughout your pregnancy. 
  • This belly band is great for all day light to medium support. I was looking for a support band that I could wear under business formal attire during the week, and this works perfectly. It is very soft, stays in place, and relieves the pressure on my lower back and pelvis. I began wearing this close to 8 months along, and like it so much, that I bought a second one. It works for a petite frame.

    In comparison, I also purchased a Gabrialla maternity Support Belt Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt - (Medium Support). The Gabrialla belt was not soft or comfortable to wear, sitting at a desk during the day. It was also often visible beneath clothing, especially business formal attire made of nicer fabrics. The Gabrialla belt, however, does provide better support during exercise, so I tend to switch from the Amon band to the Gabrialla belt if I am going to be exercising or walking for long periods of time.

    Overall, this is a great band for all day wear for someone who works at a desk, but is active at points throughout the day. 
  • Wish I'd had one of these for my other pregnancies! It helps take the pressure off of my stomach muscles and supports my back, so that when I exercise - which is mostly just a fast walk for me - my belly & back aren't killing me. I am short, (barely 5'2") and the baby has nowhere to go but out, so my belly always sticks WAY out when I am pregnant. I am now nearly 7 mo. along, and if I ever forget to put the Belly Band Pro on when I start walking, I notice almost immediately, and I go back and put it on!

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