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Mother-To-Be Maternity Support

Mother-To-Be Maternity Support
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Product Features
Size: Small

    Supports the abdomen, reducing pressure at the pelvis and improving circulation in the legs
    Relieves strain on muscles and ligaments by transferring the weight of the abdomen to the spine
    Gently compresses the pelvic ring, restoring its integrity and reducing pain
    Has large, cushioned velcro pad contoured to provide lift with no undesirable abdominal compression
    Accepts molded and soft lumbar inserts

Important Information
Legal Disclaimer
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Product Description
Size: Small
This special support belt is made specifically for expectant moms to help provide relief for strained muscles and ligaments. It effectively transfers the weight of the abdomen to the spine, where your body is better able to handle the weight. Elastic construction helps relieve pressure on the pelvis while supporting the abdomen. The soft, comfortable, hook-and-loop front pad provides additional lift. The reinforced, crisscross design effectively aids shoulder posture restoring appearance and reducing back strain. Velcro adjustments ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Size according to pre-pregnancy dress size: Small (3-8), Medium (9-14), Large (15-18), X-Large (19+). Inserts can be purchased to enhance the Mother-To-Be support belt.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • At 22 weeks pregnant, I developed pain in my right hip and leg. The pain became worse as the weeks went by, and by 26 weeks, I almost couldn't walk normal anymore. After talking to my ob/gyn, she suggested I try a maternity support belt to relieve the pressure on my sciatic nerve. I read a number of reviews on Amazon, and finally decided to order two different belts, based on the good reviews each one received. While I was waiting for my belts to arrive from Amazon, I also went to Babies R Us and bought one there. Here are my reviews for each belt:

    One of my choices from Amazon was the "Soft Form Maternity Support" belt ($ 33.99). As soon as it arrived, I took it out of the package and was a little turned off. The belt's color is a really dark brown, which I wasn't too thrilled with. When I tried it on, I noticed how thick the material is, which adds bulk underneath clothing. First, I put on the abdominal support pad, which really cradles your belly. Felt kind of nice. Then, I attached the belt and the upper tummy strap. I didn't like either one of these. The belt is split lengthwise into two panels across the back, which makes adjustments a little annoying, and it was rolling (or folding) down on top. The Velcro taps on the belt are wider than the abdominal pad, leaving parts of the Velcro sticking out either on top, where it scratches your stomach, or on the bottom, where it scratches your legs. The tummy strap is thick and scratchy. No matter how I adjusted it, I couldn't get comfortable in this thing. I hope I can return it for a refund.

    My second choice from Amazon was the "Mother-to-be Maternity Support" belt ($ 31.98). As soon as it arrived, I tried it on and loved it. The abdominal support pad is soft and comfortable. The belt is made from strong material and really hugs your back, which feels great and supportive. The belt doesn't roll down or fold over and really keeps it shape. The Velcro taps fit perfectly on the abdominal pad and are flat against the belly. Even though it is a strong belt, it also feels soft and stretches with your movements. The tummy strap is a little thick, but still feels comfortable. Initially, the top and bottom edge of the belt are a little scratchy, but I imagine I can get used to that. It's a minor price to pay to be pain free once again. The edges might still soften up a little, as the belt gets broken in with repeated wear and washings. Also, the belt hugs the body so well, it doesn't show underneath my maternity clothes. The only negative thing I can see with this belt is the fact that the back panel doesn't have the little breathe strips like other belts. This might cause extra sweating during the summer, but I would still take the sweat over the pain.

    At Babies R Us, I bought the "Especially for Mom Maternity Support" belt ($ 32.69). The nice thing about buying it at a store was that I was able to try it on before I bought it. Once I brought it home, I put it on right away. Everything about this belt is great. The materials are soft and comfortable. I'm wearing it on my bare skin for most of the day, and it doesn't irritate or scratch at all. It fits great, and the support is excellent for a soft, light-weight belt like this. The pain in my right hip and leg pretty much disappeared after wearing it for a short time. The belt has little breathe strips built in, so it is really easy to wear even in the summer. It keeps its shape without rolling or folding down. The belt fits very well and doesn't show underneath clothing. Overall, this is my favorite of the three belts. If you can get this at a store near you, I'd say buy it. If not, get the "Mother-to-be Maternity Support" belt from Amazon. 
  • This product is just as described. I am 7 months pregnant, and I have been suffering for about 3 months of back pain, plus my hips are too loose and hurt, my belly was hurting quite a bit too, trying to carry the weight of my baby and there wasn't must I could do. I couldn't walk for more than a few blocks....(less than 10 at a time, and ten was a lot... just in a good day)

    I've been wearing that belt for a week and a half, and most of the pain is gone. My back and hips feel a LOT better (not completely painless, but that's pregnancy...) and my belly doesn't hurt! I just went for a 3 miles walk (ok, it was a bit much, but 2 miles felt fine). And that's the longest (by far) that I have been able to walk since I was about 3-4 months pregnant!

    I recommand this product to any woman who suffers like it did. I am so happy with it, and wish I had bought it sooner...
  • I purchased this particular belt because of the reviews, plus my local Babies-R-Us didn't have a size small support belt in stock.

    This belt has turned out to be one of the few lifesavers for my pregnancy -- my sciatica was horrid from month five on, really, and this was the ONLY thing that relieved it. It comes with easy-to-read and understand instructions with pictures and a nice disclaimer about how it doesn't constrict bloodflow, etc. (And it doesn't.)

    I have yet to wear the upper strap part (it would slide down a little when I was smaller and I've just grown used to not wearing it), though some women might find it useful. I saved mine just in case but have yet to wear it.

    The only downside I can see (and it's not really much of one, IMO) is you might have to buy some really long, thin tank tops or long john style shirts to wear under the belt, as it could irritate your skin otherwise. But given that I've had a winter pregnancy and the long tanks were readily available from several stores, this proved no problem for me at all.

    This belt is on my list of must-have things anyone I know who's pregnant and having back or sciatica issues. I highly recommend it!

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