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Maternity Abdomen Support

Maternity Abdomen Support
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Size: Meduim (Dress size 7-16)

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Product Description
Size: Meduim (Dress size 7-16)
Maternity Support uses the same design as the clinically-proven Mother-To-Be support. Maximum comfort for women with moderate symptoms, the Maternity Support is made from lightweight ventilated elastic that is cool and feather soft to the skin. Note: This support does not come with a pocket for Heat Moldable Inserts. Pick Pre-Pregnacy Dress Size Small 3-6 Medium 7-16 Large 17-20. Clinical non-retail packaging. Note: Braces and supports are not returnable once worn.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • My wife is pregnant with twins and even @ 24 weeks she has reached the point that walking around or standing for more than a few minutes causes her discomfort as the twins' and gravity conspire to make her back sore. The beautiful thing about this belt is that it is *infinitely and conveniently adjustable*, which is very important. The product is comprised of three components, each which attach to each other by Velcro (when you first see it, looks complicated, but once you've put all the pieces together its pretty intuitive).

The value of the belt is that it gently supports her tummy, reducing the impact of the twins pulling down (e.g., on each step when shes walking) and re-distributing the weight of her twins in part across her spine. Very importantly, once she is wearing the belt (and assuming she is only wearing loose clothing over it, which I recommend) she can reach down by herself and adjust the straps because -- just like a back pack -- the degree of support you need changes over time and based on your activity level. More firm when active, less when not, and so on.

IMO you need to be realistic -- no product will "magically" eliminate all the discomfort of carrying around your baby(s). The point is to get some relief, and on that basis my wife and I are thoroughly pleased with this product for its overall high quality, relative ease to wear, and -- importantly -- convenient adjust-ability.

APRIL 2010 UPDATE: My wife delivered our twins a week ago and its worth noting that she continued to rely heavily on this maternity belt until delivery. In the last 6 weeks she was unable to walk even short distances (e.g., even around the house) without wearing the belt to give her some support. We used it extensively before, and surprising even in the last week as her uterus has been shrinking back down, to provide support. The belt is a terrific product, well made, that had a high-impact on her quality of life for the last 1/2 of her pregnancy. Not often that a simple product can have such a dramatic impact, but this was certainly the case here.
  • I'm 4.5 mos into my pregnancy and my belly weight was starting to give me extreme back pain. I decided to try this based on reviews and here's what I've found:

    *actually 'lifts' your belly to take off some of the weight burden from your back
    *the medium size has alot of leeway whether you're smaller or bigger. Pre pregnancy, I'm a size 4. I wasn't sure which one to order but the M worked out great.
    *cost seems pretty on par with what you would pay at Motherhood or Babies R Us

    *it says it's smooth enough not to see under your clothes but the two velcro sides that attach in front don't lay completely flat so you can see a little bump. it's not a huge deal.
    *not sure what the top piece is for but it was too big so I'm not using it right now. It seems to work fine without it.
    *It does get a little warm and uncomfortable after wearing it for a while

    Overall, I think if you have backpain from the extra bump weight... spend the $30. It will be well worth it. 
  • I'm 30 weeks pregnant and purchased this product at about 24 weeks, when the ligament pain was keeping me from doing simple household tasks. This product makes all the difference in the world. Especially first thing in the morning when you're trying to get around the house or in the evenings after a long day. I wouldn't recommend wearing this all day, especially if you work an office job where you sit all day. But do keep it on hand. If you're feeling pain or discomfort in the lower abdomen, put this on and "ah!" pain free. If you're going to be standing or walking for any extended period of time like going shopping or to a party, wear it as it will keep you from feeling crummy later. You could leave the house feeling just fine and then return feeling like you're gonna die, wishing you had worn this. As I get later into my pregnancy, I'm finding that it works for lower back pain as well. There is another girl in my office who has the exact same one and she likes it as well.

    I deducted one star because of its appearance. Yes, I understand it is a clinical product, but man is it ugly and bulky, especially when trying to wear under work clothes. Whenever I wear this, people comment on how much bigger I look or that I seem to be carrying the baby high. Black may have worked better, but I couldn't find it available in black. The velcro also tends to scratch a little unless you're wearing some kind of light undershirt or cami under it or wear it over the "over the belly" part of your maternity jeans. It's super bulky with under the belly jeans. I tried to get by with only using this at home, but I'm finding that I need it more and more so I just had to get more creative with layering.
    Bottom line is, it works. 

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