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OPTP Maternity SI Loc

OPTP Maternity SI Loc
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Product Features
Size: Small/Medium

    The small/medium size fits up to 36" hips.

Product Description
Size: Small/Medium

     Maternity SI-LOC, developed by IAOM, is tapered and wider at the innominates so pressure is distributed more evenly. The Maternity SI-LOC is not bulky under garments and the breathable fabric adds comfort. Wide, medical grade non-slip pads ensure that the Maternity SI-LOC stays in place. Includes a special, detachable abdominal support pad.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
- This version of he SI-Loc belt is more comfortable in the front than the standard one. Both help with the back SI pain. The Maternity version has 2 separate pieces which makes it a little more cumbersome to put on. It is a little more giving (elastic) than the standard one, too. It recommended putting it on over underware, which probably would be even more comfortable, but then you have to re-do it each time you use the bath room. I use it under my underware like the original SI belt. Also, the front pad tends to show through clothing.

-I am 26 weeks pregnant with my second child and am experiencing a lot of pelvic pressure. My nurse midwife recommended that I get this belt. My only regret is not buying this sooner. The relief I felt was immediate! The midwife said this belt is better than the usual ones sold at maternity stores and I couldn't agree more. It provides the much needed support without that constrictive feeling. I checked around for the best deal and the Amazon seller The Therapy Connection at HPMS, Inc. has the best price on the web (free and fast shipping too!).

-This SI belt is used for pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain. It comes in two pieces, one worn over the other, so it's fairly thick. You won't want to wear any thin, clingy clothes over this, because the lumps will be obvious.

I'm not sure that I'd want to try buying it over the Internet. If you have to, then think "men's sizes". They run large. If you're buying XL maternity pants, then the L/XL will probably fit you with room to spare. If your pants are size L, then consider the S/M size.

You put on the part with the wide panel first, basically as low as you can without interfering with your legs when you sit down, which is well below your belly button. If yours is on the large side, then you're going to have a problem with the unsecured end of the wide panel trying to crawl up during the day. This can be fixed with a safety pin or (if you're handy with a needle) by adding an extra dot of velcro to secure it.

The narrower piece goes right over the wide piece. Again, if yours is on the large side, this is going to be a problem, because the elastic belt from the first piece will cover up nearly all of the velcro loops that you're supposed to attach the second piece to. One solution for those with a sewing machine is to shorten the wide panel's elastic strap: double it up for a couple of inches in the middle and sew a big X through the elastic to securely shorten it. That will give you enough room on the wide velcro panel to attach the second belt.

Finally, they don't show you this in the pictures, but the wide panel in front has a stiff, narrow band of gray fabric around it. That band of fabric produces big, red, itchy dents where it digs into your skin all day. You'll want to stuff a little pad of gauze or other padding inside the band, especially right where the elastic belt attaches to the wide panel. The rest of it is pretty comfortable, but the designer needed to seriously re-think this one spot.

According to the physical therapists, if pregnancy hormones make your pelvic bones go wandering, getting a belt like this is one of the most effective things you can do to stabilize them and reduce your pain. It won't be enough for everyone, but it is often very helpful. However, if your problem is the much more common "swayback" from the weight of the baby pulling your belly forward, which often produces sciatica and lower back pain, then this won't do any good at all. I recommend that you make sure this is actually what you need before you buy it.

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