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Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Band in 4 Sizes From Baby Be Mine

Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Band in 4 Sizes
From Baby Be Mine

Price: $9.99 - $16.99

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Product Description

The Baby Be Mine belly band is a favorite maternity accessory & a celebrated winner of an 'iParenting Media Award' 2007. You don't have to worry about that in between stage when nothing fits, your regular clothes too small & maternity clothes too big! Designed with your comfort in mind this little beauty will cover any gaps between your tops & bottoms by adding length & cover those ugly elastic waistbands or unbuttoned pants. Not designed nor do they hold up pants as lets be honest - as any pregnant woman will tell you - binding a growing tummy is just a no no! This fabulous belly band is a 'must have' at every stage of your pregnancy, is excellent postpartum to cover exposed skin when breastfeeding while still loooking great in yummy colors & hot prints! Wear it folded or cover your entire belly. This maternity belly band grows with you!

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #149 in Apparel & Accessories
  • Size: maternity
  • Brand: Baby Be Mine
  • Fabric type: viscose, elasthane, cotton


  • Baby Be Mine is notably an iParenting Media Award Winner 2007!
  • Wear your favorite pre pregnancy clothes longer and get back into prepregnancy clothes sooner
  • Conceal ugly elastic waistbands and cover gaps between tops and bottoms.
  • Wear throughout your entire 9 months and beyond.Double your wardrobe & safe $`s
  • Perfect while you recuperate post-partum and as breastfeeding cover, too

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews
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5Unsure of size? Choose the smaller one.
By Work of Life
Love the product, but ordered two different sizes because I was in-between size 3 and 4 (size 18) according to the sizing chart. The smaller of the two works and fits perfectly. The larger one is too loose and doesn't hold my pants up and doesn't support my growing belly. I ordered two more of the smaller size and am very happy with the products. Also worth mentioning, the dark colors "hide" unzipped pants much better then the lighter colors.

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5Love the Belly Band. A must have!
By Jennifer M. Posthumus
I purchased 3 different Bella (or belly) bands at the beginning of my pregnancy with my 3rd child. I wish I had had them with my other two pregnancies. They were fabulous. The baby be mine belly band was longer than the actual "bella" band that everyone was raving about. I was a little concerned with the size and afraid that I wouldn't get the right size, but I went with the smaller of the two choices that could have fit me. I was very happy with the fit. Overall, I was able to wear most of my non-maternity pants with the band and they stayed up. I did have to adjust the band and pull the pant back up a bit once in a while, but I was very pleased. Now that my son is born, I use the band under my shirts when nursing. It has been great not to worry about exposing my stomach when I lift up my shirt. I just tuck the band into the strap of my bra and it is long enough to cover my entire abdomen and hold in those last few baby pounds.

I highly recommend this product.
26 of 27 people found the following review helpful.
5Love it!
By J. Jaeger
I am really happy with the Belly Bands. They have really helped me out in my first trimester. I am 9 or 10 weeks along, small framed, and already beginning to show! Within the first 6-7 weeks my shorts and pants were alread too snug for me to button all the way. What I do is this: Turn it inside out and put it on. Then I tuck the bottom part in like it was a tee shirt, and then fold the top half over my waistband. Since my belly is not big yet, it just covers up my unbottoned pants.
Today I am wearing my low-rize jeans. When I sit down, the band doesn't do the total job of holding up the back of my pants, but I still think this is the best solution until I am ready for maternity pants.
I plan to buy more colors!
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